common monitoring on pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables  

The project

The German trading companies Dohle, EDEKA/Netto MD, Globus, METRO (Real, METRO Cash & Carry), Norma, REWE and tegut… operate a joint pesticide residue monitoring system for fruit & vegetables that is managed by the company HDE Trade Services GmbH (HTS), a 100% subsidiary of the Handelsverbandes Deutschland e.V. (German Trade Association).





The objective of the joint residue monitoring system is to obtain a general, current overview of the residue situation among goods traded in Germany. In cooperation with vertical quality assurance systems, potential deficiencies can be avoided right at the production stage and in the downstream process levels.

To this end, the results of the laboratory examinations of pesticides in fruit & vegetables in the participating companies and their suppliers are entered into a central system where they are analysed anonymously according to product, product group, origin and  active agents. website offers cooperation with all systems and standards. If tolerance values of systems and standards are exceeded among the participants, the respective system and standards bodies are sent a message informing them that nonconformities have been established at one of their system or standard participants. This means that the system or the standard body has the possibility to check the affected system or standard participant to avoid maximum tolerance levels from being exceeded.

The project is financed by the admission charges for each specimen in database. These charges are raised by the laboratories that enter the results. The companies (producers, wholesalers and retailers) do not need to pay membership fees. The project does not aim to make a profit.