common monitoring on pesticide residues in fruit and vegetables  

SupplierCommissioning of laboratory examinations

The trade company participants in Fruitmonitoring system will ask their suppliers and laboratories to record all results of the laboratory examinations centrally and to enter the data into the Fruitmonitoring database.

HDE Trade Services GmbH (HTS GmbH) will analyse these results continuously according to product, product group, origin and active ingredients and make the analysis results available to the trading companies and the suppliers/producers for their respective origin region in an anonymous form. This allows trends in the countries of origin to be recognised at an early date.

Suppliers must draw up examination orders for laboratories in a uniform manner. The examination order form for commissioning specimens can be downloaded from the download area in the Internet. The suppliers do not have to register with Fruitmonitoring for this. The registration option on the website is only designed for the laboratories. They can obtain their specimen transfers in the order shop after they have been approved.