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Global Location Number (GLN) von GS1

Every company that wants to enter results into system must have a Global Location Number (GLN) so that every participant can be uniquely identified. The GLN number is a number issued globally by the GS1 organisation based on a uniform system. The GLN can only be ordered from the GS1 that will make an offer to every company. 
The offer contains a globally unique identification number for the company (Global Location Number). based on this GLN, own ident numbers can be generated and used to identify  articles, packaging or other company logistics.

GS1 offers complete made-to-measure solutions for machine-readable representation of these ident numbers for a variety of application purposes, e.g. barcode-based data carriers such as the known EAN-Code or the GS1-DataBar. This will be stipulated for identifying consumer units as of 2014, and it has been available for bilateral use since 2010. 

The "global product classification" (GPC) standard that was internationally adopted in 2010 is also very important for system. All analysed products need to bear GPC identification to guarantee clear assignment of the sample results to the products or product groups.

GS1 also offers training courses and sector-specific seminars.

The service package of GS1 Germany is rounded off by a free webinar about first steps, and additional services, such as reviewing the legibility of the created barcodes.

An annual fee is charged for the use of GS1 Complete with a Global Location Number that is based on the company turnover. A one-off fee is due when the number is issued.  

For more information, please visit the GS1 Germany website. You can also order your Global Location Number online: